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WORLD FILM Services is a DELHI AND MUMBAI-based film company offering an inspiring and creative work atmosphere for its host of clients from around the world. Since our inception, our focus has been on providing the best in terms of local production resources, locations, cast and technical teams to ensure that whatever the production we're charged to create, we do it with no compromise. We have nearly 20 years’ experience creating some of the most exciting broadcast advertising for clients, in exactly the style and feel you need, open new company for on this 2016,

The company provides and facilitates all kinds of still and film & video shoots at all in India. Our Networks, We Specialize in Documentary films and provide production services including experienced camera crews, equipments for all facets of film & Video Production.

We have had the experience of successfully handling numerous foreign crews and production assignments.


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  Filming Support Services in India and world wonderful

We are Able to provide crew and camera operators, technical engineers, gaffers, grips and production assistant, arrange craft services,. Also to provide the latest technical equipment from cameras and sound to editing and post production facilities..

Capable in finding suitable location to all over India..

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